Sunday, January 18, 2009

Oh so good

A few things that are just oh so good in my life right now... we just got these amazing little vintage flower bundles in the store. They are packaged with care by McMaster and Storm and here at for your delight. Sweet array of colors, and flying out the door! $12
Perfect on any decor projects, cards, layouts and more.

I love, love, love this. My new vintage "buffet" re-purposed as my TV stand. The cable box fit ever so nicely in one of the drawer openings. What a find!

My little pups... well not so little. Chance (above) and Theo (not pictured because he wont sit still) have been extra snuggly ever since the cold weather hit. They have so much extra energy and just want to play, eat and sit on your lap. So cute

Laying on the floor wrestling with Chance... I really enjoyed the view of my tree. And yes, it is still up! I love our tree, it is so shabby with blues and greens, vintage birds and snowflakes and glitter... lots of glass glitter. I will probably leave it til March... I have before!

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Vickie Allen said...

Katie, I love your blog! Allison talked me into starting one as well. It's a disease!