Sunday, January 18, 2009

Oh so good

A few things that are just oh so good in my life right now... we just got these amazing little vintage flower bundles in the store. They are packaged with care by McMaster and Storm and here at for your delight. Sweet array of colors, and flying out the door! $12
Perfect on any decor projects, cards, layouts and more.

I love, love, love this. My new vintage "buffet" re-purposed as my TV stand. The cable box fit ever so nicely in one of the drawer openings. What a find!

My little pups... well not so little. Chance (above) and Theo (not pictured because he wont sit still) have been extra snuggly ever since the cold weather hit. They have so much extra energy and just want to play, eat and sit on your lap. So cute

Laying on the floor wrestling with Chance... I really enjoyed the view of my tree. And yes, it is still up! I love our tree, it is so shabby with blues and greens, vintage birds and snowflakes and glitter... lots of glass glitter. I will probably leave it til March... I have before!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

New Finds, New Look.

A recent trip to McMaster and Storm of Greenville, Ohio was ever so delightful and re inspired me to "reorganize" a bit. At some point, you can only shuffle things around so much... then you realize that its time to start purging those items you don't really need. My Studio- I love my new "bookshelf" that I rescued from a awful forest green color and gave it a new life as shabby cream. It holds ALOT and keeps me a little more organized!
Everyone needs a pinup board in their space. This one was purchased from a sweet little shop called The Ivy League in Greenville as well. The Flower shop is just as cute as can be and offers lots of vintage treasures as well as floral arrangements. I love my board, it is an old green frame with beautiful fabric stapled to the back. You could easily transform any of your favorite frames into this useful display board. I use mine for constant inspiration; anything that makes me smile.

Love this! A steal for $12, now I just need to bribe Nate into rewiring
it and hanging it above my sewing station.

Vintage Garland. ooooh.

There is no real way to describe these wonderful mints... you just have to have them. They start out hard, but become chewy overtime. I am not describing them correctly...just order them, you will not be disappointed.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Winter Blues

I am not the type to ever get "winter blues"... I love the cold and snow! I even chose the upper most point of Michigan for college- 310 inches of snow that first year! But I came across this photo today and I felt a little twinge of wishing for sunny weather. We were in Myrtle Beach and had just spent the entire day doing nothing but tanning and reading books by the ocean. I will have to say, this winter has been a DUD so far... where is the snow??? There is still time for it to redeem itself, so I have my fingers crossed; waiting

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Still Here

Wow, It has been tooo long! The holidays went by in a blur, and I have neglected posting... so much has happened over the last few months, and I cant wait to fill it all in. Where should I even begin? I guess I will start with saying, even in these tougher times... I still feel so blessed in my life. I heard someone say "people are taking a look back at the important things, and getting back to the basics; the small things that matter in life" I know I have been doing this too. I have made many resolutions this year, and so far.... its going well. I have been reflecting about the decisions I make, the friendships I have and the little things that make me smile. I have been ENJOYING the things I have, rather than looking for more. I have been cherishing the simple TIME I have with those I love, rather than FOCUSING on what we are doing. I have been making plans, and sticking to them. Here is a quick little blurb about my news... well, I joined the brunette team for awhile. I have made the tough decision to relocate our store, we have high hopes that we can forge ahead through the slowing economy and make it out to the other side. We are going to simplify, and refine into the BEST BOUTIQUE we can be. I have commited to being part of a wonderful Real Estate TEAM with my Broker Debra and RE/MAX Resources. I am so excited to be a part of this amazing TEAM, and I am really determined to make it a successful venture.
McMaster and Storm
One of our favorite shops in the WORLD, (besides our own) has decided to make the move into the website world. They will no longer (for the time being anyway), have a retail site... we were really bummed out by this news, but at the same time relieved that they will still be present by going to They created an experience that cannot be explained, only those who visited really understand.
I spent most of the holidays creating gifts and items to sell at the shop. I am geting back into the grove and creating many scrapping projects to share. Those will be posted soon!