Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Philly Fun

I spent an entire weekend in Philadelphia with friends... what an AMAZING time. Literally, we put in about 15 hours of greys/couch time, catching up on season 4 before the premiere. We took an awesome tour of the downtown and all the history it had to offer. And hit the zoo. Of course.
I love this... in fact it will inspire my next project.
It was designed by an artist at Pink Paislee.

I just love looking at him. Still a giddy little kid at heart, especially on the beach.

we cherish the stolen moments together in our busy lives.

A humbling experience and reminder of the
foundations our wonderful country is built upon.

I will just call her Gracie...
Self explanatory.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

green & growing

Real Estate... Buying, Selling, Investing, Managing. I love the challenge of it all. I love the "concept phase" and seeing all your ideas and plans come to light. I have a deep appreciation for the motivation and sacrifice it takes to keep at the daily grind. The uncertainty of it all is both scary and exciting... because with great risk can also come great rewards. So green and growing...thats me. I have just begun a new chapter in my life as a Realtor. I just heard a motivating speaker claim " you are either green and growing, or ripe and rotten".
I have many passions that I have devoted my focus to and hope to grow into the future. RealEstate being the passion that satisfies my mind and energy.

Designing is the passion that touches my heart and "vintage soul". Being part of the creative team that owns and operates a sweet little boutique... I get the daily opportunity to create and design, cultivate my crafting and inspire others. I love that feeling when you run across a unique find that just makes you smile and inspires you to create. I just had to share some of those things with everyone around... you can check out my shop in at polkadotowl.

I also recently decided to incorporate designing hand-crafted invitations for those who want to add a unique experience to their event. Check out my link for samples and feel free to contact me for a consultation.